Company Profile


Faidra SA was established in the beginning of the 21st century, aiming at activating in the field of constructions as a byword for quality, consistency and functional luxury constructions, providing all comforts, with special emphasis on anti-seismic shielding and top quality materials. These activities extend in the fields of permanent dwellings (apartments, villas, maisonettes), country houses (mansions, villas,traditional houses and maisonettes for summer and winter vacations) and real estate management.The company’s strategic goal is to make use of the experience, technical know-how and worldwide range of its dynamics and to exploit the special prospects offered by the unique geopolitical position of Greece.

Especially in the field of residential development, Greece offers unique opportunities thanks to the excellent diversity of seaside, lowland and mountain landscape with the characteristic and recognizable architecture of the various regions of the country. Within the scope of its strategic development, the company will continue to invest in Greece with innovative projects, in order to attract investors frοm Greece and abroad.

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