Project Specifications


Our philosophy is based on the timeless design with respect for the environment, on the optimum constructional quality with high technical and architectural standards and on the after-sale customer service.

Dwelling specifications
• Calculation of static elements with the use of the maximum anti-seismic coefficient and steel reinforcement processed with the  “Robot” method
• Provision for the connection of the dwellings to natural gas network
• Optimum thermal insulation and water-proof insulation
• Concrete works with frequent sampling to ensure quality
• Electrical facilities with the use of PLC / IR technology
• Alarm installation at all openings, space radars and cameras for maximum security
• Video doorphone system, satellite antenna, pre-installation of speakers – home cinema
• Installation of air-conditioning system, autonomous heating, radial system
• Heavy-duty Italian aluminium casings of unique design, with ISO certification for the alloy
• Tiles, floor, marbles of top quality
• De luxe imported kitchens
• De luxe sanitary ware, tubs, Jacuzzis of major European brands
• Fireplaces, BBQ

Surrounding spaces
• Designed in cooperation with landscape architects
• Planting of trees at the areas of common use
• Swimming pools (autonomous for the detached houses and common for the complexes)
• Outdoor lighting that highlights the building
• Pergolas, BBQ
• Roof garden